Kelvinator Fruitcake

By Patricia B. Mitchell

Kelvinator is an early brand of refrigerator. It was introduced in 1916, and was named in honor of William Thompson, knighted Lord Kelvin, an English scientist who studied the principles of heat and cold in the mid-1850's. This time-saving recipe for a no-bake fruitcake became quite popular because people (like my parents in the 1950's) could chop and mix the ingredients and then refridgerate the cake. — Who needs an oven?!

Crumble crackers rather fine, soften currants in hot water and drain. Add spices and salt to dry cracker crumbs and mix, then add other ingredients. Marshmallows should be cut into very small pieces, soaked in cream and added last. Mix thoroughly until cracker crumbs are all moistened, pack into square tin or mold lined with waxed paper, let stand in Kelvinator 12 hours. Slice thin and serve with or without whipped cream or hard sauce. Makes 2 lb. loaf. Will keep in Kelvinator several weeks.