Good Deals at Camp Lee

By Patricia B. Mitchell

Johnny Beaver and Reba Jones

The engaged couple, Johnny Beaver and Reba Jones, inadvertently showing off her prized wartime stockings.

In 1941-1943 my Daddy was stationed at Camp Lee, Virginia. While there he offered to buy some groceries for his wife-to-be and her family. He was able to see her (and deliver groceries) almost every weekend because she lived only about 150 miles away.

Some of the prices of goods at the commissary were, according to him, “right cheap.” Sometimes Daddy was even able to procure hosiery for his sweetheart.

String Beans No. 2 can 10¢
Peaches No. 2 ½ can 16¢
Pears No. 2 ½ can 17¢
Beans with Pork No. 2 ½ can 08¢
Tomato Juice No. 20 oz. can (Campbell's) 16¢
Pineapple No. 2 ½ can 14¢
Fruit Cocktail No. 2 ½ can 24¢
Soups (Campbell's) No. 1 can 07¢
Pickles Sweet and mixed (Heinz) No. 24 oz. can 29¢
Pickles Sour (Heinz) 24 oz. can 26¢
Sugar 25 lb. 06¢ /lb.
Rinso (Soap) 24 oz. 19¢
Bacon lb. 29¢
Lard lb. 14¢

Military museum at Camp Lee

Johnny Beaver is at the far left in the photograph of a military museum at Camp Lee, ca. 1942.