I…am building quite a collection

Dear Mrs. Mitchell,

My husband and I visit Gettysburg, Pennsylvania quite often and I always make sure I pick up one of your recipe booklets (they are sold at the restuarant of the Inn we always stay at and also in some of the shops in town) each time we visit. I enjoy them very much. I also enjoy your writings within the books. We love Virginia and the South, and are so interested in learning more of the way Southerners live, cook, bake, and experience life. My husband and I are both intrigued and take much pleasure in traveling south to learn and experience the history of the South, especially the Civil War.

Your writings and recipes are wonderful. I have and am building quite a collection. Your enthusiasm and spirit come shining through your books, and I especially love how the Lord is weaved through your writings — that's a blessing to my heart. I admire the structure you've built into your family and home, always prepared, always planning, using and developing your resources to the fullest. You are an inspiration to me as I try to build my family….

Sincerely yours,

Horsham, Pennsylvania

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