Refreshments Now and Then by Patricia B. Mitchell

Refreshments Now and Then

Refreshments Now and Then is such FUN!

Dear Tricia,

THANK you for all of these delightful books! I wanted to read every WORD before writing you — but that might take too LONG! And I wanted to write right away!!!

Refreshments Now and Then is such FUN! The “Sweet Cheeks” on page 16 had me laughing aloud! Can you IMAGINE those dear old girls going through that sort of thing to give themselves fewer wrinkles?? (Well — I don't exactly care about wrinkles either — BUT I'd never try their system!) I loved pages 2 to 4 — and your memories — that are so much like mine! The watermelons enjoyed outdoors (our table was a millstone on a pedestal — and the grooves carried the juice away!) — and best of all — was eating watermelons in the patch by the river!

In Suited to a Tea I'm fascinated by all of the history…and the A Bowl of Soup, a Crust of Bread, and Thou! Oh — so many recipes I want to try!

Love and best wishes,