At the Table in Colonial America by Patricia B. Mitchell

At the Table in Colonial America 1700-1776

A School Project

Dear Ms. Mitchell,

My son recently had a school project to do on Revolutionary foods. At the bookstore of Gunston Hall (the home of George Mason) we were able to purchase [At the Table in Colonial America] and Revolutionary Recipes. Your books were invaluable! The foods that my son served were well received and we found the stories about the recipes most interesting.…

For at least five or six generations, a Christmas tradition in our family has been wine jelly topped with boiled custard. I have never known another family to serve this [Trifle or Tipsy Pudding] and was surprised to see it in [At the Table in Colonial America].

I was even more surprised to see that your address was Chatham, Virginia. The generations of Tredways and Whiteheads who made wine jelly… were also from Chatham.

Thank you for the help that your well-researched books have afforded us and thank you for the memories that you've brought back for me.