Loaves of Love by Patricia B. Mitchell

Loaves of Love

Loaves of Love Nine Years Later

Dear Patricia,

I purchased your cookbook Loaves of Love in 1995 and wrote to you at the time about how wonderful the recipes were.

My daughter was 14 at the time and didn't care much about making bread — just eating it. Now, at 23, she makes bread once or twice a week. What a blessing to pass that art along to another generation. I was showing her your recipe for All Wheat Yeast Bread tonight and she told me she would like the recipe. I thought I would get her the cookbook and put it in her Christmas stocking.

To this day, if I make raisin bread it's always your Raisin Uprising one. I have to admit, I changed it a little by adding a tsp. of ground cinnamon and a little more whole wheat flour. That's the beauty of bread baking. One does what one likes!

Thank you for a wonderful little book.

Thank you,


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