Heart and Tongue:
Cooking in the Great Depression

by Patricia B. Mitchell

Heart and Tongue by Patricia B. Mitchell

In Heart and Tongue, food historian Patricia B. Mitchell reports the food-related memories of numerous individuals who lived through the Great Depression, along with anecdotes and notes from letters and other primary sources. 59 recipes, 195 research notes. Published 2021. Soft cover, 130 pages including index, 7 x 10 inches. ISBN-13: 979-8676365295.

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About the Book

Author Patricia Mitchell utilized written questionnaires beginning in the 1980s to ask her readers, relatives, and friends for their memories of the Great Depression era. Responses to those questionnaires provide the foundation for Heart and Tongue. Throughout the intervening decades Patricia has accumulated additional conversations and correspondence, along with letters from the Great Depression period and information from many books and articles. The result, rich in detail and context, is a valuable resource for historians, students, writers aspiring to accurately portray life during the Great Depression, and of course anyone who simply wants to better understand the circumstances, experiences, and motivations of their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Extensive endnotes suggest many avenues of further investigation for other researchers to follow.

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